CFS Services & Infrastructure


  • Carting and inventorisation of cargo.

  • CFS Stuffing of Containers

  • Customs examination & Documentation

  • On Wheel Custom Inspection and Sealing

  • Export cargo aggregation, Palletization and storage for LCL customers

  • Preshipment disinfestation of containers and cargo.

  • Organizing containers for factory stuffing.

  • Transportation of containers to gateway ports.

  • Facility to Manage reefer container

  • Ramp for CBT

  • Cold Zone for Temperature sensitive Pharma and other products.



  • Collecting & Transportation of containers from gateway ports to Hyderabad

  • Lift-off and Destuffing of Imported Cargo

  • Customs examination & Documentation

  • Bonded Warehousing of Import Cargo

  • Logistic Support for delivery of duty paid import Cargo to customer's destination.

  • COD - Collection of payment on delivery of the duty paid import cargo from consignee as per instructions of the consignor.

  • Handling and Storage of duty paid import cargo in and around Hyderabad.

  • Cold Zone for Temperature sensitive Pharma and other products.



  • Total CFS Area - 30000 sq.mts

  • Yard Capacity - 1500 TEUs

Covered Warehousing Facility:

  • Export Warehouse - 1000 sq.mts

  • Import Warehouse - 1000 sq.mts

  • Bonded Warehouse - 500 sq.mts

  • Hazardous Cargo - 500 sq.mts

Material Handling Equipment:

  • Reach Stacker – 1 Nos (Loaded)
  • Crane capacity - 40 Tonnes - 2 Nos
  • Crane capacity - 25 Tonnes - 1 Nos
  • Forklift capacity - 8 Tonnes - 1 Nos
  • Forklift capacity - 5 Tonnes - 1 Nos
  • Forklift capacity - 3 Tonnes - 3 Nos
  • 16 Points for Reefer Containers
  • Trucks - Adequate fleet.

Reefer Points

Modern Equipment

Air-turbo Ventilated Warehouses



BATCO-CFS provides a 2000 SFt of furnished space for CHAs along with business centre facilities and wi-fi connectivity to efficiently carry out their operations.


BATCO-CFS commissioned the Pharma cold zone for storing pharmaceuticals and perishable products. The Facility is operational with 325 sq.m of area and a capacity to hold 175 tons.


The premises is manned by well trained security personnel and under 24x7 CCTV surveillance with electrified fence protecting the perimeter.




The location of BATCO-CSF provides several hinterland advantages to its clientele.

  • Situated very aptly on the NH-9 connecting the Outer Ring Road (ORR) at Muttangi Village, Patancheru, 20 kms from ICD, Hyderabad.

  • As the CFS is positioned just outside the city limits, the 12 hour restrictions for plying cargo vehicles does not apply here, thus saving time for clients.

  • M/s. BATCO-CFS is placed almost equidistant from major gateway ports at JNPTU Mumbai, Chennai, Vizag & Kakinada.

  • By virtue of its proximity to the ORR, M/s. BATCO-CFS has relatively traffic free 24 hour access to all Industrial zones around the periphery of the city of Hyderabad as well as all state and national highways leading to diverse destinations from Hyderabad.

  • M/s. BATCO-CFS is located near to the primary Industrial zones in the city of Hyderabad that houses substantial members of the exim community

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