Container Freight Stations (CFS) are the inland extensions of the gateway ports established to facilitate the global business operators of business community with custom clearance services, cargo warehousing, container stuffing/destuffing, carting, bonded warehousing and several other value added services.

The CFS services not only ease the congestions at gateway port, but also provide proximal advantages to international business community within the area. BATCO-CFS is the first such private facility in the state.

BATCO-CFS, was established in early 21 century and became operational in 2008. Eventhough a relatively new entrant in this segment of logistics industry, BATCO-CFS has made rapid progress in CSF business by providing efficient service to its clients using their decades of experience in other segments of logistics industry.

BATCO-CFS has a capacity to handle 1500 TEUs per month on a continuous basis supported by an in-house container carting facility

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